Friends of Guilford Station

Welcome to Friends of Guilford Station.

Long ago (before the Civil War), the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad (ALHR) created a railway from Alexandria well into Loudoun County. The first stop in Loudoun County was first called Guilford Station (named after the town, Guilford), then Loudoun Station (which was understandably confusing), and finally, Sterling Station, after the town’s name was changed. After the Civil War, this farming community grew into a thriving town of about 100 people, which survived as the heart of Eastern Loudoun County until the mid-1960’s, when Dulles Airport and the development of Sterling Park moved the center of gravity to the East.

Since then, what we now call “Old Sterling” has remained somewhat stagnant, somewhat decadent. We know that change is coming — soon!

We have great ideas about how to transform Old Sterling into a regional resource which will serve the greater community while commemorating the original railroad town. If you’d like to help us create and implement our vision, send an email to us: